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    Basé sur 282 avis
    Great, after a month it's already showing the results. This gym is better than the rest and the people who visit are just as cool as the trainers
    chaitanya A.
    16:07 20 Dec 21
    Very good room with a good atmosphere because the staff / coaches are at the top. On the other hand, some devices are aging or no longer functional at all, which means that we have to fall back on other machines and at peak hours it is complicated (in terms of pulleys and benches).The air conditioning does not work, when it's hot it's a nightmare.The changing rooms are a big plus because they are really practical.The view you can get, the better among the Brest cinemas.Not necessarily a lot of people except in the evening.A perfect place to come and train!
    Tony L.
    23:15 30 Nov 21
    The room is welcoming, the lessons are varied and the sports coaches are really at your service. I highly recommend !
    Guillaume G.
    13:07 22 Nov 21
    Très bonne salle excellente ambiance convivialité, bienveillance et efficace 💪🏻le circuit Milon au top qui permet de faire du sport en toute efficacité et en peu de temps qui se cale très bien dans un planning pro surchargé 🦾!
    Sandra M.
    14:26 21 Nov 21
    Une salle au top grâce à des coachs présent et à l’écoute. Une ambiance au top je quitte avec regrets cette salle merci pour tout la team fitness + .
    Bakar G.
    08:09 11 Nov 21
    une très chouette ambiance! Coach disponible et un beau choix d'activité! Je recommande sportivement !
    Delphine LE B.
    17:07 03 Nov 21
    I definitely recommend this sports club. I train using the connected Milon circuit which I find very hard and efficient. I have my dedicated coach who calls me if my attendance wanes. There is also a wide variety of group classes, including yoga, which are fun and engaging with great instructors. Thanks for any more Fitness. :-)
    Asso B.
    12:27 08 Sep 21
    These like a second home the good humor listens to them the coaches motivates us they are always present I recommend it
    Maele L.
    21:50 07 Sep 21
    I have been in this room for several years, very good team and superb machines, a main room as well as three additional classrooms and stretching rooms. The machines are not old or worn out which is really nice during the session unlike other rooms. Good atmosphere also among members
    Lauren b
    21:23 07 Sep 21
    Très bonne salle j'adore y aller mais dommage que ma coach ne reviendra pas
    gwendoline B.
    16:26 02 Sep 21